Umbella Frame Deep Soft Box 150cm

55,500.00 43,500.00

Deep Octa Softbox 190cm with Fabric Grid and bowens Mount


  • For Strobes
  • 16-Sided Softbox
  • Creates natural catchlights in the eyes
  • Ideal for head and shoulders portraiture
  • Highly Reflective Silver Interior
  • Detachable Front Diffuser and Fabric Grid
  • Detachable Interior Clip-on Diffuser
  • Very Even Light Distribution
  • Fits Speed Rings for Most Popular Brands
  • sturdy aluminum alloy framework
  • Colorfast Material
  • Waterproof Material
  • Fabric Grid Controls Spill Light, Narrows Beam Spread and Adds Directional Control
  • Carrying Bag Included